• Dr. Sara Mazaheri Jones

Surviving The Storms Of Life

Life has its storms. I have learnt that it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when and how. It is good then to be prepared and know how to withstand those storms. When hurricanes or weather storms come we prepare by getting enough drinking water and food supply, building strong houses or evacuating to safe areas. We can also prepare for storms of life, whether it is illness of a child, illness of yourself, financial struggle or anything else.

One great way to prepare is surrounding yourself with people who speak life to you, and will encourage you and build you up no matter what. I have been blessed to have such people in my life. They do not have to be close friends or relatives. Some of these people I know from afar, by reading about them. It is important to be intentional about it. People like Nick Vujicic, Rick and Kay Warren, Kay Redfield Jamison. I only read about their lives, but it has been so encouraging to me.

Then Imago relationships.. Learning about the nature of relationships is so helpful. Thank you Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt for you and bringing Imago to life. I got introduced to it in my residency training by an amazing supervisor.. Thank you Deborah Ward. Learning about healthy relationships has been a huge blessing in my life. My husband has been one of my strongest supports. But there was a time I was thinking maybe we were not compatible to each other and made a mistake in marrying each other. With the help of Imago and my amazing loving supervisors I learnt that it was not the case at all. We both have learnt how to bring the best in each other.

And one amazing part is the cement and connective tissue of everything else: Relationship with the God of the universe. Knowing how much God loves me and wants to bless me has been fundamental in being able to have joy and make use of the rest of my support.

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