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Marriage, so sophisticated, whimsical, mysterious and yet so hard!

Marriage, so sophisticated, whimsical, mysterious and yet so hard! It has a lot of potentials. Two are more effective than one. You can grow so much and help your partner grow more than when you are single. You can heal from the past hurts better than when you are single. Yet it is hard. It needs care. I say it because today is our marriage anniversary. What a year it has been! The hardest and yet the most wonderful year of my life so far. I have grown so much in the past year. However, you definitely need help, need wise caring people around you to hold you and guide you when things are tough. Like a beautiful plant, marriage needs lots of care and attention to grow. Good minerals, sun, water, and space. You need good and wise mentors to guide you.

One of the things that have been so helpful to my marriage has been a couples' workshop through Imago. Imago is therapy focused on relationships and restoring them. What a retreat! David and Donna Bowman and their workshop have been wonderful. Relationships have a lot of potentials to grow. But they also need good care and help. The result is so worth it. Check David and Donna Bowman's workshops. So worth it. Your relationship is so worth it.

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