• Dr. Sara Mazaheri Jones

“I have never been to Broadway. You introduced it to me. Thank you!”

Have you ever heard similar words? Replace Broadway with something else. You have gifts and talents you alone have the way you do. You can brighten someone's day. You can share something great with them. Even if you thought it was not a big deal and “everyone could do that”. Just because you are good at something does not mean everyone is. Never ever underestimate you. There are lies we all have believed in at some point. Lies like “ You are not good enough”, “ You will never mount up to anything”, “ You are ugly”... I know I have. The last time ? Today. My husband was talking to me about some financial stuff and I was getting irritable. I noted why. Because I felt stupid, The good thing I did was to acknowledge I was getting irritable, why, and mentioned it to my husband. So you know I am learning that these lies will hit me from time to time. I am getting better at recognizing them, articulating why I am vulnerable at the moment to the lie, and replacing the with what I know is the Truth. The truth is I am not stupid. I have strengths and weaknesses. So do you. You can brighten up someone's day. Never ever let a lie take the amazing person you are, captive. Shine and let the world see the gifts and talents you have.

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