How to thrive at work, school and in relationships

(No matter what life throws at you)


I found Dr. Mazaheri Jones' book to be a useful resource for professionals and clients alike. I encourage you to read Break Free from Anxiety and Depression. How to thrive at work, school and in relationships, no matter what life throws at you.”


   Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

    Author of The Big Leap 



Anxiety and depression can affect anyone from any background. No matter if you are a doctor( like myself), lawyer, teacher or college student they can affect you. Younger generations are a good target for these thieves ( Yes I call anxiety and depression thieves because they steal our joy, peace, and motivation to create.)


One of the significant areas that anxiety and depression can affect is our relationships. We need fulfilling relationships to thrive.


My goal is to empower the young generation to love and understand themselves, to know the l lies of anxiety and depression and how these lies can affect them and who they are mean to be. To know they are good enough and they are not "The problem". So they can authentically live their full life while impacting generations next. You matter more than you Know.

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