Let’s work together. Shall we?


Relationships are a huge part of our human experience in this world. Good relationships help you soar. I have seen it and experienced it. Now, I love to share what I know.

Due to the medical conditions I mentioned to you earlier and the hardship of walking I am not working with anyone face to face. But you know sometimes limitations are actually silver lining. Because that made me think of other ways to transfer what I know and reach people.

I am developing this program to help couples soar. You will work with me 1:1 for 8 weeks. I will show you and guide you in what has helped me and so many others. I will teach you the principles of good relationships, what helps to maintain it, what helps to get rid of anxiety in depression when they show up in your relationship, and how to have fun. In the course there are 2 dance lessons at elegant dancing because ballroom dancing helps a lot in bringing couples together. And I want you to have that.

So let's schedule a call, so I can hear your story and perspective and we can decide if we want to work together.

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