By now you might be asking, why you should listen to me? What makes me an authority on helping men and women repair and restore their lives? Good questions! Here are the answers.

My name is Sara Mazaheri Jones. I am a psychiatrist, specializing in the human brain and mind. I have had extra training for psychotherapy to understand more about the nature of the human mind, emotions and feelings. Also, I have gotten training in Imago relationship therapy. We also went to an Imago workshop with my husband. What has given me a passion to work on helping couples improve their relationship has been my own experience with it. For a year stress of medical condition and financial stress because of that had affected our marriage and each of us individually. We both were scared, hopeless, irritable. I remember crying many times. We did not know what to do.


But now, despite the stressors (Yes! medical conditions have continued), and even more physical limitations, I have more joy, motivation and drive. I appreciate my husband and my life more, and I want to help those who might be in similar condition as well. What made the difference? I had been getting training through Imago and we went to a workshop. Imago was a great help for us. It taught us the emotional needs of human beings and how they manifest in our relationships. Now I am motivated to use the same time tested principles that Imago has helped me see better, and so has revived our marriage, to help you revitalize your relationship.


​I also have created a comprehensive eBook, Break Free from Anxiety and Depression, about anxiety and depression, and how to break free from them. Because I have experienced anxiety and depression. I have seen very bright people experience anxiety and depression. I have seen the effect. It is wonderful to see the difference when they get better and feel more empowered.

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