Who Am I And Why Should You Listen to me?

By now you might be asking, why should you listen to me. What makes me an authority on helping men and women repair and restore their lives? Good question! Here’s the answer.

My name is Sara Mazaheri Jones. I am a psychiatrist, specializing in the human brain and mind. I have had extra training for psychotherapy to understand more about the nature of the human mind, emotions and feelings. In addition, I have been in therapy myself, since the second year of my residency, so I understand what therapy is and how it works.

I have experienced anxiety and depression. Experienced how they affect your life. I guess my personality, and being vulnerable and susceptible has made this work a perfect fit for me.

I work with patients wrestling with anxiety and depression. Seen the impact on very bright, brilliant people. It is wonderful to see the difference when they get better and feel more empowered.

That’s why I created this comprehensive eBook, Break Free from Anxiety and Depression, about anxiety and depression, and how to break free from them. Because I do believe there is HUGE benefit in it. Life without the effects of anxiety and depression, despite life challenges and stresses, is possible and is a very sweet life.

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