have amazing power.


Power to heal you

Power to transform

Power to create

(No Matter What Stressor Life Throws At You)


How do you access that power?

I love to show you. Shall we?



How to Have Fulfilling Relationships and Thrive


How it all began...

For more than a year, my husband and I had a lot of hardships because of lots of medical conditions. These conditions added so much stress to us at the beginning of our marriage. They affected our lives. I couldn't walk, I fell a lot, he couldn't work. We both were scared. Both of us were irritable and frustrated. But now, despite the medical conditions (Yes! medical conditions have continued), and even more physical limitations, I have more joy and hope. What made the difference?  I had been getting training through Imago relationships and we went to a workshop. Imago taught us the emotional needs of human beings and how they manifest in our relationshipsIt is not about finding that perfect partner, it is about being that great partner. and things will change.

Now I am motivated to use the same time tested principles that Imago has helped me see better, and so has revived our marriage, to help you revitalize your relationship. So you keep shining, you keep creating life and beauty and be the best version of yourself you are made to be, even with the presence of stressors. We are relational beings and healthy relationships can play a big part in our joy and peace of mind. Poor relationships can prevent you from shining even further. They set a limit on the size of your dreams and happiness.


I am also a psychiatrist with training and understanding in psychodynamic psychotherapy and Imago relationship therapy. I love relationships and seeing how they have improved my wellbeing, I love to help you restore your life.

How to Have Fulfilling Relationships and Thrive

There are 2 ways we can work together:


Workshops/ Webinars


The truth is you are amazing and you are made by an amazing creator to do amazing things. However, life throws stressors at us and it could affect your relationships.


Imago relationships has helped me and my husband a lot when we went through a lot of stress as a result of medical conditions. I have been pumped to use the same principles that have helped us to help you as well. So these workshops use the same principles and strategies that have helped revitalize my relationship with my husband, to help you revive your relationship.

My next workshop/webinar:  TBA.

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M 12-Week Program

This 12-week program is a result of my years of training and experiences. Particularly in the past year and a half of going through many medical challenges and the stress of that on our life and relationship,  and what has helped revive our life. I will show you and guide you in what has helped me and so many others.


I will teach you the principles of a good relationship and what helps to maintain it. I will share with the good resources that are very helpful in building and maintaining a prosperous life no matter what life throws at you.


In the course, there are 2 free ballroom dancing lessons ( included already in your fee) at Elegant Dancing of Fairfax Virginia. Ballroom dancing helps a lot in bringing couples together and also it's fun! And I want you to have that. 


 I have also prepared What is helpful to Know:
Sara's Workshops and Programs

Let's schedule a discovery call so I can hear your story and see how we can work together.

I am a  psychiatrist with training and understanding in psychodynamic psychotherapy and Imago relationship therapy. I love relationships and seeing how they have improved my well being, I love to help you restore your life. I have had my training in psychiatry in St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington DC. St. Elizabeths is one of the pioneers in mental health services, which also has a long history of great emphasis in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

I have also finished extra training in psychotherapy through Baltimore Washington Center for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.

More about me...

Sara Mazaheri Jones, MD


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